Post When Your DONE!_______

Post when you have finished the CFA Level III Curriculum. If not same day, include the date. Include (if you wish) your victory celebration I shall start: Finished today - went to the room where my wife was reading a book, kicked the door open yelling “THIS IS SPARTA!” and threw the last book on the ground. Ate a 26 ounce USDA Prime rib-eye steak, medium rare, just salt, pepper, and extra butter. I also took a picture of myself with one foot on the three levels of the CFA books a la Captain Morgan. Will also probably celebrate with my woman in a very biblical way. I await your posts

sometime back in mid-December. Been working through the Schweser exam books since. On exam 3 in the second book. After that, going to hit the CFAI past exams.

i’m done, finished last weekend. now i need to go back and do it again and actually retain something this time

I also fininshed last week. Trying now to get the motivation to go back and review book 1.

i thought people celebrate when they actually pass

me too, I won’t celebrate when I’ve finished the books.

where’s the POST WHEN YOU START thread? I haven’t started yet :x

Finished readings. Now going through CFAI examples and EOC Q’s while touching up on my FC’s. About 50% done with that. Plan on hitting a morning exam next weekend.

Finished CFAI in November Finished Stalla in December Going through the Passmaster, Secret Sauce, Stalla Flashcards and re-reading certain sections of the CFAI curriculum (most notably, Ethics, Individual/Institutional IPS, Fixed Income and GIPS).

holy crap - i sure hope this isn’t the norm. nice job everyone.

Nice work comrades - I am impressed! Sounds like some of you are going to crotch-stomp level III. You guys keep this up and our pass rate is gonna be so high this year people are going to think the CFA program is getting soft.

Read schweser. Reread sticky parts a second time. Watching lectures and answering questions. Starting to memorize using flash cards that I made. Will take first mock mid march.

there are alot of freaks of nature preparing for L3, slow and steady wins the race though, see you cats in June

Finished about a 10 days ago. Wrote notes for all sections apart from ethics from the CFA books. Now I’m reading the Schweser books and my original notes, I’m trying to condense it all into my own version of Secret Sauce. From late March I’ll be hitting questions and revision only. Best of luck all!

Wow! I finished yesterday. GIPS was crazy but the EOCs were not as bad as I thought it would be. I am going to hit the Stalla reviews from Monday and plug all those troublesome holes

i sure hope you finishers only represent 1% of the candidates.

Finished reading CFAI in January. Have been going going through each LOS, making notes, doing EOC’s, and Passmaster. Should be done with this by the end of March which will leave me two months of review

Oh my goodness… I just bloody started… well done to anyone that’s done anyway!

I finished the main readings the first time around November 2010. My first thought when I finished was a blank in my mind. My second thought was “what the hell was that!?!?!, I better start again at book 1”

ha. i hear ya. just opened book 2. this board is definitely not the norm, but probably all pass…