Post your mock exam scores in order taken

Only post your scores to full practice exams (60 questions) with all topics included. Post the program or company that made the exams too.

Schweser QBank:

  1. 63%

  2. 63%

  3. 58%

  4. 58% (Adv and Intermediate Only)

  5. 77%

dude, are you done all your mocks? otherwise Qbank is so-so at this stage…

I’m still prepping myself to take the actual mock. Makes no sense to take it before I feel I’m ready otherwise I won’t get a good estimate of how I will do. I found the QBank exams pretty useful last year.

IMO, QBank exams are less useful for L2. Vignette style format of L2 makes the dynamic of taking the exam very different so I would recommend doing the mocks soon. Best of luck.

I found the QBank to be horrid. I wanted to switch to Stalla over it, but it seems Stalla’s been acquired. :’(