Posting CFA Congrats Email on LinkedIn

Thoughts? Maybe add a little motivational quote on there for good measure.

Just put the destination after your name.


Hey. Totally off topic but I wanted to ask how to actually make a new post on AF. Never done that before obviously, and just cannot find an option anywhere to create a new post

No. No. No

Seing these all over the place. Stop being a putz.

Taking it a step further … i saw someone brag about how he got over 90%ile on all topics and levels (on linkedin)! Like really !! Way to be humble lmao


Eye roll. My linked in is flooded with these self promos. Just stop

I saw bunch of those too, lots on AF as well. Can teach pension accounting, but can’t teach class.

most guys that score to 90 percentile are “A” type personality… we like to win, we like recognition, but what we dont got is class.

most of us here are type A personality. Don’t use that as an excuse for lack of class buddy! Recognition is one thing being a an attention wh@re and needing validation to boost ones ego is another. I find people who tend to want extra attention and need to demonstrate their superiority with something like posting top 90% are just missing lots of other things in their life and try to compensate for it. But hey let them enjoy their moment of “glory” as they see fit.

I think its best to be humble and use a quote to inspires others who are also in the CFA process to keep continuing their goals.

There is a fine line of cocky, and confidence. Be humble

Just add “I guarantee superior returns” and im sure you will get the attention you wanted.

Wait for the releasing of the e-badge and youll see lots of people saying that they passed all three levels on first attempt and above 90th percentile.

“guaranteed 50% minimum return using my simple three-step shorting the VIX strategy” – EBITDaddy

Basically the ricers/fuckboys of finance