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I’ve used the search function, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Do you think it is okay to have the following on your resume: 2007-2008 Chartered Financial Analyst Institute - Level II Candidate (June 2008), awaiting results - Completed Level I (June 2007) Thank you in advance for any assistance

Do you really need to indicate you completed Level 1? Sorta implied by your L2 candidacy (and most employers assume you finished L1 within the past 1-2 years).

  • CFA Level II Candidate (June 2008), awaiting results Unless you are trying to fill space, but that’s just silly.

I have never heard of anyone calling the CFA Institute the “Chartered Financial Analyst Institute,” including the CFAI themselves.

this is trivial stuff.

I hear you Farley. I was unsure of that too. The thing is I don’t think anyone would know what the CFAI is if I used that as a heading. I guess CFA Institute would work. I agree this is trivial stuff, but so is 90% of the ethics that make me ask this question in the first place… Thanks for the input.

Why is Steve Yzerman doing the CFA program? What are you, Happy Gilmore? “I’m a hockey player but I’ll be taking the CFA today”…

bored in retirement

Do you put it in the education section? or something else like extracurricular activities? Im not really looking for any jobs now (not like i would get one in this market) but i would be interested in knowing where i would place candidacy on a resume.

break it out into a Certifications section

agree with XSellSide

Yeah, but its not a certification. and im with you jimjohn, xsellside is right, but i just wanted to know where i would put it. In the education section? Thats the one thing that to this day still has me puzzled. I can say im attempting to obtain the charter through the CFA Institute, but the CFAI isnt a school. BUT there are MBA programs that incorporate the CFA Material onto their curriculum which leads me to believe that CFA>MBA. Im so confused =(

Do you need to waste 3~5 lines for something as simple as “Chartered Financial Analyst Program Level 2 candidate”? If so, you need to write more about your working experience.