Posting - What's Appropriate?

Could somebody please clarify what is and is not appropriate for postings related to copyrighted materials (see the new rule above)? My understanding is that copyrighted materials can be cited, as long as they are properly cited. For example, is it appropriate to post a question and the answer provided in one of the CFAI books, as long as (1) the source is cited and (b) the citation is in quotation marks? I agree 100% that we all ought to respect intellectual property and copyrighted materials, but “respect” does not necessarily mean “ban citing it”, does it? Thanks for the clarification!

a bit of conspiracy. Just think that this may be Schweser’s trick to push people from this forum to its own one. - sticky

So now everyone can push Stalla :0

oh has stalla got its own “forum”? - sticky

Not that I know of…

If it becomes a problem we should just migrate to the CFA success forum.

this is unfair…

Except that Chad doesn’t seem to be talking about posting questions within the “fair use” area or half the LI forum would have gotten banned by now. There’s one guy who repeatedly posts “Schweser QBank # xxx” and is still going strong. There is speculation about this on GD, but I believe that posting questions for discussion and help is fine while posting stuff about violating IP laws is not. Remember that Chad monitors this forum pretty carefully and if he objected to the specific question threads he would just delete them. They are still there. There are all kinds of other inappropriate threads that last for only a short time and Chad deletes them.

Thanks, I checked the post on GD, I had not gone there for a while.