Posts should be numbered & AVIs should not be stacked

I think it would be helpful if posts were actually numbered. This could be useful for those of us who actually use the CFA forums for studying to refer back to specific posts in the future. at the height of my studying I would have usually 20-30 different tabs open from different CFA level 2 topics.

Additionally, I think it would be far more efficient if our avis/usernames/CFA-Candidate1-2-3/CFA-Charterholder/Studying-with badges were moved to the margins on the left. This would make browsing this place more efficient to get information as we would have less clutter to interfere with all of the awesome GIFs that get posted.

Anyways, that’s my three cents.

At the bottom left of each thread there is a bookmark icon. Selecting this will add the thread to your account so that you can easily refer back to it. To access your bookmarked threads you can go to Account > Profile > My Bookmarks.