Potential PCP Violation

Hi all.

Relieved that the exams are over but at the same time, getting paranoid about potential PCP Violation…

At some point during the PM session, I happened to see one proctor pointing in my direction while talking to another proctor… I did not make anything out of it but after the exam, the candidate seated at the same table, had his admission ticket picked up separately, as in, before everyone else… So I am now wondering if proctors suspected that candidate of any violation and singled him out by collecting his admission ticket first.

Would proctors have informed him or any other candidate for that matter, that they are filing an incident report?

In the morning session, after tearing out the bubble sheet, I left the question booklet open longer than I should at the contents page. A proctor told me to close it, which I immediately did and apologized. He then proceeded to take my passport and ticket to the front to note down my details. I think I might be reported for a violation. It may be a technical violation, but it lasted for less than 5 seconds; I was sleep deprived, was nervous and zoned out a bit after plucking out the bubble sheet. Obviously, I had no intention to gain an unfair advantage (and would the accidental violation have given me any undue advantage?). I have been worried ever since, but sucked it up and completed the 6 hours of exams. Now that the exams are over, I feel paranoid and worried, but can’t do anything about it.

Have read that CFA is extremely strict on this and multiple people have been accused of cheating for just looking around.

I think KovC is being paranoid, while faptor has a reason to be worried. I guess the most you can recieve is a warning (my humble opinion). CFA is strict, but they don’t lack of common sense.

Having read some CFA horror stories online, it worries me to no end. :frowning:

I think CFAI is over-doing it. Even people who were stretching their necks get accused of cheating. What more someone who made a technical violation. Sigh.

I think some centers may be more strict than others. The guy sitting next to me clearly kept bubbling answers after the proctor said ‘stop writing now’ at the end of BOTH sessions. Since they emphasize the ‘now’ as the point to stop writing so much, I was stunned that he would risk it. But I really don’t think anyone officiating the process noticed. Ours was a small center with about 150-170 candidates…maybe they are not as diligent about monitoring?

If Proctor notice any candidate keep writing after they have announced to stop writing, then they will submit a report to the CFAI and in most of such incidents, the exam result is withheld even if you submit your view that you were not writing after the proctor had asked to stop writing. They are very strict in these situations.

This makes sense. Essentially, the candidate that continues writing after the time’s up is clearly getting an undue advantage.

But what about other candidates who have been accused of cheating by just looking around? Or accidentally opening the book to the contents page, and have not received undue advantage? It would be unjust to void their results.

You should be fine as long as you only had a look on the content page. According to the Exam-related matters of CFAIs Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines you were in a violation if you „opened exam book prematurely and viewed exam questions“. So it would only be a violation if the proctors report implies you haven‘t closed your book and had a view on a page with questions.

Since there are no exam questions on the content page, your case should not be a violation.

That’s a slight relief. And thanks for the reply.

After the PM session, had a quick word with the proctor. Had apologized and told him that it was not my intent to view exam questions, and noted that he took down my name. He replied that he had no comments, that he heard me, and to refer to the candidate guidebook, which I suppose is the Sanction Guidelines you mention about. When I pushed further, he repeated the same words like an SOP.

Hope for the best.

Hi All,

Even i have received an email . The document states that i was filling the OMR sheet for extra 10 sec (in the morning session) and was reading the first question while taking out the OMR sheet (afternoon session). The second violation pointed out by them is false. In the morning session, the proctor was just beside me and he took the OMR sheet immediately. what is the best resolution? I need your suggestions.


Any update, what happened with your PCP?