can anyone recomend a good interview prep consultant they’ve used & liked? i am not looking for one of those “life coaches” that tell you general platitudes i can find everywhere. Instead i am looking for someone highly focused, with deep experience in financial services industry (like former recruiter or HR person in a bank or HF) who knows what top firms are looking for and has worked with top candidates and can give real valuable insights

just call your favorite headhunter you have a relationship with

i considered that but he is so busy can’t really devote much time now

I heard Vault is pretty good about that stuff if you want to pay - - - http://www.vault.com/store/index.jsp#CoachingAndInterviewPrep

someone posted a pretty good link here a while ago http://www.ibankingfaq.com/faq-categories/

I have interviewed for my BB for college grads.