Power of Oneness / Murder Pills


it all makes sense now.

Finally found a good Organization against info wars - Statement of truth - Acknowledgment of rules - Commitment - Loyalty - Truthfulness

Movement Against Infowars and a Commitment to Others http://tinyurl.com/4poyc6x

tinyurl should have been a dead give away. It really is hard not to listen to the full song.

^ Twice



lol its like watching Joel Osteen in the mornings



man that guys voice is hard to listen to, the way he emphasizes words like “LIBerals” is basically exactly what youd expect a The_Donald supporter to sound like. And his job is making youtube videos out of online articles and talking about them? And i thought the makeup people my gf watched were stupid as hell, the internet sure gives a job to a lot of otherwise unproductive people on both sides of the isle thats for sure.

the prophet.

AJ has confidential sources at the highest levels of govt and intelligence agencies. He gets all the inside baseball that the public otherwise would never get and he reports it when he can. Not exactly regurgitating online articles.


for you turd


They have body armor on sale:


How does the oxypowder work with the general survival theme of this online store? Is there an occasion where you are sitting in your bunker following the North Korean invasion, and you or the survival leader says, “guys we really need to blow out our colons; it is a matter of survival”?

im sure turd has a great answer…

Chemical weapon, in case they are outside your bunker and you’re about to be captured.

You’re trying to associate logic with infowars, which is against rule #1 1. There is no logic with infowars My main perturbation was why Guy on a Buffalo was looking on the infowars site for oxypowder…

Can he help me set a killer fantasy baseball team for next year? I usually dont stick to it because my team always blows and i stop paying attention but wiht his inside scoop I think ill be able to take the crown