Practical use for flash cards

So I purchased the Schweser flash cards and am not too impressed. I have found, however, that they’re a decent bathroom companion - not distracting enough to make my legs numb and I don’t plan on taking them anywhere else so no worries about what I touched last before flipping the next card over…and hey, if I ever run out of TP… Anyone else?

Make a card house or paper airplanes out of them. Or set on fire.

I used them when traveling, less heavy than the books and more detailed then secret sauce. I would think the paper is a little too heavy for any TP use without injuries :slight_smile:

Yeah, I bought them too. I think flash cards are a good way to study. Has anyone else that did L1 in Dec use the flash cards?

IMHO, prefilled cards might be fine, otherwise you going to spend too much time re-writing the books.

I bought the flashcards for Dec 08 and found them to be quite useful at odd times. they are good to keep at your workdesk and browse through a few when you have a couple minutes to spare. I also would keep a stack in the bathroom to browse while, well you know. they are a little pricey but i dont think that should really be an issue when preparing for these exams. the investment you put in now will pay good dividends in the future. i would not recommend for use as TP

As i read the texts i made 10-15 note cards per study session on average in addition to note in the book. I didn’t think they’d really help out but as I began my final review I was proven wrong. I had a zillion note cards, and essentially they covered all the CFAI text, but it was all in my own words in ways that make sense to me. HUGE help in my final reviews. Obviously it isn’t the type of thing where you could just study the note cards and be fine. But it was great for quick refreshes and warm ups. If they were pre-filled cards, i might consider using them as TP… especially since i was so busy last month that i didn’t go to the store once!! hhaha jk… well not really, but, ewww.

I made flash cards while preparing for L1 and only used half of them. If I would do L1 again, I would not make flash cards and use the time to do Qbank questions and read secret sauce. They would be much more valuable than flash cards.

I used the Stalla flash cards. They were pretty good. I mostly used them when taking a set of books wasn’t practical (you can always throw a couple dozen flash cards in your pocket). I took the full set of them to the test center with me last weekend, and they were a lifesaver during the lunch break.

flash cards are geeky