Practice and Mock Exams

I am aware this topic has been oft discussed on this forum.I am putting out my list here and given that 147 days to the exam, I want to optimise usage of the resources at my disposal

A. Practice material -Essay and Multiple choice :- I have the following resources for practice questions

  1. CFA BB examples
    2. CFA EOC Questions
    3. CFA Topic Tests
    4. MM practice quizzes
  2. Finquiz
  3. Free Schweser Q Bank

I will be using resource no 1 to 4 primarily, It’s not possible to use them all.

B. Mock Exams :- I have the following mock exam resources

1. CFA mock exams
2. Past AM exams
3. MM mock exams
4. Finquiz mock exams

I will be using resource no 1 to 3 primarily. I have also read here that for PM exams, Schweser and Konvexity are good sources of practice.

I work full time.My wife and kids are fed up of me studying. Even with WFH, I have 9 hour work days, so I have this list given the constraints .

So whats your list like?

Comments and suggestions welcome.

what’s better - mm or finquiz?

Last year I wrote four morning session mock exams that were generally well received.

This year as well I’ve written four.

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