Practice Exam Scores

Got 2010 AM morning tomorrow, but pretty much done aside from that…

in chronological order… we’ll see how saturday turns out.

Test 1 AM 63 Test 1 PM 68 Sch1 AM 58 Sch1 PM 68 Sch2 AM 72 Sch2 PM 75 Sch3 AM 69 Sch3 PM 75 2013 Mock PM 76 2012 AM 75 2012 Mock PM 80 2011 AM 70 2011 PM 82

that’s some pretty good improvement. I found 2010 AM the easiest. just did that one today. but I also did it last so coincidence probably not

All the best pistol. Time to shoot.

2010 AM - 71-74% (depending on throwing out ex-material or not).

Last 3 AMs, 70-75-71

Last 3 PMs, 76-80-82

About as prepped as I can be. In the words of Joe Swanson. BRING IT OOONNN!!

I’m right there with you. My total average is probably somwhere around a 73-74 so I think I have a little breathing room should I totally fubar something in the AM. Good luck

I did remarkably better the second time around on these tests, unsuprisingly. Going through and doing the calculations correctly and easily is a real confidence booster.

I still got plenty of ones wrong thogh. Scored about an 85-90.

Got between 68-79 on all the cfa pm and am. Averaged low 70’s. worst was 68 so I’m hoping these are indicative of the actual exam. Can’t imagine going through this process again.