Practice Exams - All Sources

I figure the real key to studying is practice exams. I was wondering if anyone had a comprehensive list of sources for practice tests / quizes / etc.

I’d do as many of the online sample CFA exams as you can afford. Maybe do one before you start doing other practice exams just to be aware of the differences in question format, complexity, etc, this might help guide your study sched. I found the BSAS sample useful, and obviously Schweser are popular as well as Stalla etc. I used the BSAS, CFA online and Schweser exams and found this to be more than enough. I barely finished the Schweser exams, and probably didn’t need to.

any online sources to get some practice questions ? maybe free?

would be interested as well

hi FYI

Do you buy BSAS exams from their website?

Actually, I don’t know how these pratice exams work indeed. But I suppose it will be useful to take out all of the questions from Notes, without go through the context, if time is tight.

I did exams 1 and 2 from Schweser, way above the difficulty of the real CFAI exam. The database of questions from Schweser was of real help and much more close to the real thing with regards to degree of difficulty. I just returned from a Stalla session on FSA and to my HUGE SURPRISE, I won the full Stalla scholarship!!! - the other price was a BA II Professional calculator. I will use the scholarship against Level II if I passed Level I :slight_smile:

map1, how is the session? I regestered for it next week. worth going? assuming I don’t win any of those…:slight_smile:

Interesting, a 3 hour good experience, I would not miss it if I were you. You’ll get the “our materials are great” intro, but you can also have an opportunity to get through reviewing some part of the material. You might have a shot at the big price too! Don’t overlook it:)