Practice Exams and Passing Scores

I tried searching for this, but doesn’t seem like it’s been addressed extensively: What are the “passing scores” for Level 2? For Level 1 the rule of thumb seemed to be 70%, whether justified or not is debatable. Is there something similar for level 2? Book 6? Book 7? CFAI Practice Exams? What is everyone targeting?

I can’t find the source now, but I’m pretty sure I read CFAI materials saying that the L1 pass rate is around 35-40% (excluding no-shows) and L2 rates a bit higher (maybe 40-50%). Can anyone confirm?

Those numbers are about right. Keep in mind that, although the pass rate is higher for level II, there is a survivor bias built into them. In other words, only the brightest (or most diligent, etc) made it to level II and only 40-50% of them pass. The pass rate in June of 2007 for both level I and II was 40%. All of the info you are looking for is on the CFAI website…but you do have to look pretty hard as it is no very intuitive.

Haha thanks guys, but those are the passing rates, not scores :slight_smile: I guess what I was trying to clarify was “what should I be aiming to get on my practice tests in order to pass on the actual exam?” There seems to have been a rule of thumb of 70% for Level I practice tests. Is getting 70% on the practice test going to be “sufficient” for Level 2? Or is it more like 80%? I know there is no certain answer, but is there a rough guideline from anyone’s experience?

You guys (gals), I think that you’re misinterpreting the original poster’s question - it seems as if s/he is looking for a benchmark score to be comfortable with on practice exams, similar to the 70% threshold that was generally considered a “safe pass” for Level I. Dimitrous, although I have no reference to back this up, I’d imagine that 70%+ on the practice exams would give you a very good shot at passing.* *purely speculation on my part [edit: crossed posts with dimitrous]

In addition to the CFAI practice exams, what about a “safe” score for Schweser LII? I know for LI, a lot of folks were in 60-70% range with Schweser and passed the actual exam. Has anybody had the same experience with LII?