Practice Exams next few days

I have taken Schweser Mock (68%), and Schweser Vol 2 Exam 2 (70%) and Exam 3 (70%). I am thinking of now doing the CFAI Sample 1 and 2 and CFAI Mock in the next few days. Any suggestions - also, which Schweser exams are the toughest ones between Vol 1 and 2?

Supposedly, Sch P exam vol 2 exam 2 is the most difficult. I found it on par with others in difficulty level IMHO. If you have time, do exams from sch book 1.

Any particular exam from Book 1 that is good?

Exam 2 seemed really easy from book 1. Book 2 Exam 2 PM I hated. Nitpicky garbage and really hard to follow.