Practice exams - Strategy

Wondering if my plan of doing the practice exams is effective or not. I am planning to spend the last three weeks on practicing exams. I have Schweser practice exams Vol 1 and Vol 2 (Book 6 and 7) and planning to take all the exams in the following order. I know there is some overlap among the exams and I will skip (or don’t count the points) when I see the repeated questions. My plan of attack is (3-week) Schweser V1 E1 CFA 2006 Essay CFA Free sample exam Schweser V1 E2 CFA 2007 Essay CFA Purchase Sample 1 - Afternoon style Schweser V1 E3 CFA 2008 - Essay CFA Mock CFA Purchase Sample 2 - Afternoon style Schweser V2 E1, E2, E3 CFA 2000 - 2005 I may not be able to do all the above and want to make sure that I do the ones that are must. Any comments on the order? How are you guys planning? Thanks,