Practice Exams vs ACTUAL EXAM

Going through these practice exams, I am noticing many questions where I find myself knowing the concepts that the questions reference, but then the phrasing of these questions just seems tricky, where you need to sort of take a guess at what the question is asking. Does anyone know if the real test’s questions are phrased like this, or if they are more straight forward?

I am worried because even if I really understand a concept, a question could have phrasing where if I was in college, I would go up to the professor and ask him what do you mean by this question.

The CFAI mock exams are the most representative… the schweser exams do tend to have vaguer wording. Don’t worry about it. The CFAI mocks don’t leave you wondering what the question means by the wording.

Agree with the poster above. I would add that the CFAI mock exam was harder than the actual exam both times I took the Level I