Practice Exams - What order?

Hi, I am working my way through the Schweser practice exams now. If you had to put a preference list together, whoich exams should one do in what order of importance? Like 1. Schweser book 1 2. Schweser book 2 3. CFAI last 7 years (are the most recent years more relevant in terms of difficulty an material, are they all the same?) anything else? Thank you!

Also: CFAI mock and sample exam(s) more important than Schweser maybe?

CFAI past years papers are more relevant than Schweser especially IPS questions. I believe you may do this before Schweser AM sessions.

Thanks! Is anybody doing more CFAI than the last 7 years?

someone with way too much time on their hands maybe . . .

Agreed. I probably get another couple of exams done - which is too bad. More time would be nice…

stupid question. Where does everyone get the old CFAI exams…I’ve done some Schwesers, but want to start looking at some of the material on these I haven’t already seen at the back of the CFA books and in the Schweser vids. you can download 2000-05 I think CFAI website you can get 2006-07


i’ve done a few hundred questions on schweser pro qbank. i like it because it gives you the answer immediately so you can learn as you go along. it keeps detailed records on how you do per SS and you can take tests of questions that you previously got wrong (yes, I have enough of those to make a whole test). i did my first book exam (book 6 exam 1 am and pm). the essay part was definitely worth doing and I have to work on those. i didnt like the MC very much compared to qbank. definitely take all exams on CFAI website at some point. i haven’t but from past experience they are VERY close to the real thing