practice exams with a mac computer

Hello all, I’ve decided that I want to purchase some supplementary material for my studies, namely practice/mock exams. Is there anything that Borders or any other book store sells that would be valuable? I visited the Schweser website and saw that they sell a book of 3 exams, but the feeling I got was that the answers were online and not in the book, and you needed Windows to see the answers. Does anybody know if that is correct? Or are the answers in the back of the book? Like I said, all I really want is a couple practice exams with explanations for the answers. Thanks for the help.

answer explanations for schweser exams can only be obtained by entering the answers online, and then they provide you with full solutions.

Do you have Q-Bank? There are enough questions there to create 120Q exams, with solutions. Otherwise with schweser, if it’s online, you should be able to see them from any browser. I had Q-Bank online before with my mac before and worked just fine. With my new mac, I can run windows so I have the download version now.