Practice Exams

I almost got crazy when I hitted the practice volume of Schweser. It really destories my confidence…

Does anyone have the same feeling? The questions in Schweser seem much more difficult than the mocks from CFAI.

Dude it’s February. Some people have not even started studying, let alone started practice exams. Take a chill pill.

I agree, they really do test you. Almost in a way that discourages one from continuing.

I’ve done the first 2 mocks from Schweser Practice Volume 1 (albeit from the 2014 versions) and got the following scores:

Mock 1 AM 61% ----- PM 78%

Mock 2 AM 62% ----- PM 77%

I’m trying to mark the AMs relatively harshly so as not to lull myself into a false sense of security.

I havn’t tried any of the CFAI mocks, but I’m surprised to hear you think they are easier - I would have thought the Schweser ones would be easier (I’ve found Schweser mocks to be easier than the CFAI mocks for levels 1 and 2)

I’m feeling relatively confident so far, although fully aware that I have a whole raft of study ahead of me to really nail down lists/details/pros cons so that I can just pop them out of my head on exam day rather than trying to reason everything through.

Anyone else done any mocks yet? Would be interested to hear any scores/thoughts etc…

I have done 2 thus far through FinQuiz, and I am very glad that I did them considering I did none last year and I failed. Overall, I feel that if you come with the perspective that they are just practice, they are very beneficial. Sure, there are some errors and there is a slight language barrier, but they(FinQuiz) know their stuff and I feel that their questions are intended for you to grasp the concept, not necessarily an accurate portrayal of what you will see on exam day. I plan on doing another this weekend.