practice exams

Practice? You’re talking about practice? Anyway, when do you guys plan to start these. I just discovered Schweser volume 1 includes the 06 and 07 actual exam essays questions, so we have 6 Schweser practices, the 08 essays online, and how many ever CFAI practice exams there are this year (anyone checked yet?) I’m thinking to get all of these in I’d better start soon…only taking a couple days off work so not a whole lot of weekends left (also taking 3-day w/e Schweser class in 3 weeks). So I’d better start soon, but feel scared as heck to try writing essays yet. Anyone else start these or will soon?

I’m saving them for the first week of May, similar to my plan at LII. Using April to hammer through Q-bank and focusing on the essay-form CFAI end of chapter problems. Don’t want to psych myself out (yet) by getting dominated on the practice exams!

About a month out for me. Pens are hot again ng30. Keep your eyes open. ; )

Ahh mwvt9…your guys fire their coach and win a few games and you start talking trash? Just kidding, the Pens are peaking at the perfect time. Makes me very nervous. Of course we’ll have to worry about San Jose before getting that far.

Hopefully both our our teams will go deep again and cut into our study time. I mean, I’m ready to take this thing today. Kinda bored yet waiting for it to get here. Blaw HAHA HAAH AAHA

I hear you, and feel your pain from the other post. This material is so easy to read for 6 hours, then finish and have no recollection of what happened with the day’s work.

Early May… so much to do

Ng30…which 8 essays online are you talking about?

sparty, the Schweser volume 1 exams include the actual essays from 06 and 07. however, 08 weren’t available at time of publication, so they aren’t in the book. however, you can get them online @ either cfai site or

Thanks…I’ll look into it…