Practice Exams

Has anyone started the Vol 1 practice exams yet from Schweser? What are people’s strategy on those? I finished exam 1…thinking of saving the last 2 full length exams for the following 2 weekends. I feel like need more practice exams!!

Buy the exam from BSAS on their website, if you need another exam. Then download the free one from the CFAI website. Then for $40 each you can get Mini-exams (CFAI calls them “sample exams”) and finally, Schweser has a second book of exams, three each, that we on the board call “Book 7.”

I heard the vol 2 or book 7 is incredibly hard and not really a good representation of the actual exam. But thanks for the BSAS suggestion, i’ll check it out.

Trust me, I am doing Vol 2 and it is really fun. Not that I am scoring above 65. But it is not a killer either. Do try it. Good Questions!

fun? you have a *fun* concept of fun… hehe