Practice exams

I should mention that I have never yet completed a practice exam. This goes for the FRM and CFA levels 1 and 2, although I do the schweser q-bank questions after each study session. That being said, what is a good resource for practice exams for Level 3? I know there is the book 6, and the ever depressing book 7, in addition to the CFAI exams. Does Stalla have exams other than the $400 ones? I got this email from the Boston CFA association. Any good? Any additional resources you guys have? Your input is greatly appreciated. PS I dont have my books yet, I have not completed book 5, I remember those posts like oh oh when will i get my book 6 and 7, I’m just pondering my May 2010.

Well, based on what I’ve read here, one should use past exams - particularly the morning section. Do the search and you’ll easily find them. Cheers

I would advise that if possible, take every opportunity to practise as many qns as possible. Yes, I also bought book 7 and the Boston question (prev year). You never know, one of these somewhat obscure questions could show itself in similar fashion or form in the actual exam. The more you practise, the more exposed you are and prob, may just prepare u enough. My take is if ever one of these questions u practised can earn you another 5 marks, it’s prob worth the while. May be the 5 that separates band 10 and marginal pass

I did not do any practice or mock exam for L1 and 2 because it is all right that what you need is to understand the question and get the answer in any way you like and then mark a dot. The most important part is to get the answer right and there is nothing hard for you to mark the dot. I used the same strategy but failed at L3 this year. I did very well during the PM exam but very poor during the AM session. My takeout from the exam is that you have to pick up the pen and write out the answer and formulae and your thoughts during your study. Some of the questions in the morning session, I understand and I know the answer but I do not know how to put my thoughts in writing and even I write down something I think the grader maybe do not understand what I tried to communicate. In addition, another lesson is that try to make your handwriting as clear as possible. My another bad habit is that even myself can not make out my own handwriting afterwards if I write in a hurry. I think this will put you at a disadvantage.