Practice exams?

I am studying from shweser 2007 books. My plan is to understand the concepts from all the books, do all the concept checker problems at the end of ever section and finish all the practice exams in book 6. I want to take as many practice tests as possible. Are the number of tests in these books enough to clear CFA level 1? Do I need to do anything extra to clear CFA level 1?

I cleared LI in Dec andi f you take all the Schweser book 6 exams and all 5 of the CFA Inst practice exams (a fraction of the length). You should be in good shape. This took me about a month to do along with adequate review. Schweser Secret Sauce was also very helpful during the final stretch. Also, I scored between 68 and 78 on book 6 and mid 70s to mid 80s on the CFAI practice exams and I don’t recall any one on this forum with comparable scores failing if that helps.

qbank buddy

i had slightly better practice exam scores (70+ book 6, and 80+ on all CFA practice exams with one 90%) and failed… so keep in mind success also comes down to execution come game day