Practice Exams

Hi All

I just finished reading the Schweser notes (besidies Ethics and Equity which i’ll finish up by the 25th). Along the way i did not get time to complete EOC questions in the CFAI books. I’m trying to plan out my “Review Week” and come up with a strategy for the next 9 days.

Is it better to review “rusty” topics BEFORE taking practice exams? If I master those rusty topics (which i’ll finish up by the 29th), I will have like 6 days = 5 - 6 mocks to solve and master but if I start immediately with the mocks on the 26th I would be able to practice 10 papers (I have 12 with me).

So should I go back and brush up on these topics before jumping into mock exams or should I bite the bullet and start mocking and learn along the way for the questions that I have gone wrong in the papers?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Start mocking right away. Your rusty topics should get better as you progress.