Practice Problems and Mock Exams

I studied with Schweser for Level I and I have the Schweser package for Level II, as well. I want to diversify my studying materials away from just Schweser and I want more practice problems. I will also use CFAI EOC questions, but I am thinking of purchasing either Elan’s (a) mock exams or (b) practice problems but am unsure which to choose.

I already have 6 Schweser mock exams and I plan on taking 4 to 6 mock exams before the June exam. I am favoring the purchase of Elan’s Level II mock exams. I understand the mock exams are in item sets, whereas the practice problems are not. I would use some of the Schweser and Elan mock exams as practice problems, as I believe they are all in item set form.

I was just curious to hear people’s opinions of the Elan mock exams and practice problems. Do you feel the mock exams are better study materials than the practice problems (if the practice problems are indeed not in item sets)? What’s better bang for my buck? Thanks for your time.

Elan’s practice problems are really good. I used Schweser last yr for Level 1 and thought their q’s were crap and watered down. I highly recommend Elan, they live up to the hype. Although not in item set form, they still teach u the basics and foundation to be able to handle it in item set formation.

Also, the study notes are BEAST