Practice Problems: I'm scared, what do I do?

Hello, I am almost done reading the curriculum and making notes. I should be done by early next week.

With that said, do I have enough time to do practice problems and mocks in order to have a fighting chance in passing?

I haven’t started any problems so far. I’ve skipped all blue box and EOC.

I would appreciate some insight into how/if candidates have passed with such limited time left before the exam.

Also any guidance on how I can achieve this endeavor would be appreciated. Thanks.


You got 65 days. It all depends how much time you have.

Just doing 1 hour of problems a day, you should be fine. i have done about 20 or so hours of problems and scoring in the 80s…

Listen to these two fellas (125mph and keep_running), theyre the most active L2 candidates here and they’ve done all the mock already :slight_smile:

So, in 65 days…I have lets say 6 hours of free time a day. If I can maximize that 6 hours with breaks, I can get a solid 4-5 hours of problem solving done. With a lower limit of 4 hours a day for 65 days = 260 hours, and a higher limit of 5h x 65 days = 325 hours.

Realistically though, I want to make sure I have a solid set of notes first. With that said, I am almost done reading FRA and making notes. I should be done by Tuesday next week - that’s the goal. From next Wednesday, April 25th - June 9th = 46 days of doing solely practice problems. That’s a lower/higher limit of 184/230 hours of practice problems. Theoretically that should be enough time to pass this on one shot right?

Any other suggestions/or wisdom is appreciated.


Always practice while doing the readings.

At least do the EOC.