practice queations

I am about ready to complete my readings and begin taking sample questions and tests. unfortunately their are not enough questions in the cfai curriculum. can anyone tell me where to find a substantial amount of questions for studying?

I’d look at a few options, and figure out what best suits your needs: Schweser QBANK seems to be a popular choice, there are 2000+ questions that are highly flexible in structure. CFAI offers a number of practice tests that would be good for your final review process. Stalla and schweser also offers a number of question databases, module quizzes and practice quizzes. I’d also recommend using this form to review some of the posts that cover the more difficult material. You might also want to look into contacting your local CFA Chapter as they may hold mock CFA exams closer to the date. Links to all of the previously mentioned study materials are above (the sponsors of this site).

Qbank is great. Always may want to buy schweser/stalla practice exams.