practice questions

Some people on this forum are saying that actual exams are difficult then Qbank. I recently started with Qbank questions(ethics, economics and FSA), and they are much easier then practice problems after CFA texts. Is it enough if I score decent on Qbank? or should I try some other practice tests (like stalla)?

Note that my comments are based on reading this forum over several months (plus doing a lot of research of old threads via search function) and not actual experience as I have never taken an exam. The CFA practice problems are not generally representative of what will be on the test (save for the the ones from old tests of course) as they at times involve a lot of time and calculations. CFA exam is more conceptual. I think you are right that Q Bank questions are generally easier than what appears on the exam, but they are still quite useful for drilling concepts into your head. The CFA mock exam that will (is?) available on their website is probably the closest proxy to the actual exam that you will get ahead of time. The mock exams in Schweser Book 6 might be more reflective of the actual exam than Q bank, but I haven’t actually looked at that yet.

the shorter questions in the cfa test relate to the actual exam IMO