Practice Questions

When you’re going through the practice problems in Schweser notes or CFAI, are you all taking the time to write out the open ended questions (as opposed to just answering in your head and checking the guidance)? Obviously, writing out the answers takes up valuable time but it seems like it might help me remember the material and prepare for the essay section. Just wondering what everyone else is doing…

Keywords… I don’t do that many problems at a time so I answer it in my head, write down the keywords and check the guidance afterwards.

Yeah. I’ve been forcing myself to answer all the open ended questions. (write them out) Might as well get used to it. I’ve only done schweser so far but once i’m through book 5 (3/4 way done), i’m going to do the cfai problems… i’m not looking forward to that but i’m sure it will be key in getting us ready for the test… one thing i’ve noticed… my handwriting is freaking horrendous!

cfasf1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > key in getting us ready for the test… one thing > i’ve noticed… my handwriting is freaking > horrendous! Tell me about it, it’s been a couple years since I’ve had to write anything by hand for other people to read… My handwriting at the moment consists of mostly symbols and random squiggles and slashes. This will have to improve or it won’t matter how well I know the material (maybe another reason to write out the answers).

my english looks like farsi when i write it down. and i don’t speak or write farsi. it really would be a good idea to try to write some stuff down with time constraints before the test… (i haven’t done anything with time constraints yet either) sht. i cannot imagine writing out answers when i’m all fired up as i usually am at the test. i don’t know how people who do not speak english regularly pass this thing.

I believe the CFAI said something about handwriting in their candidate letters, saying it is highly highly unlikely that they won’t be able to decipher it and not give you full credit for your answers. In other words: I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

good to hear. i can cancel that penmanship class that i signed up for at the local community college.


I have been practising writing down the essay answers to IPS because i’ve heard that the morning part is always really rushed and that IPS is huge so why not have it doubly covered by practising?

Currently on first go around of Schweser - answering all Schweser EoC Qs in my head then reading answers. Priority is getting through the reading right now. Once done reading Schweser, will do all EoC CFAI questions fully writing them out.