Practice Questions

I am scheduled to appear for Dec 2010 exams, I am solving the EOC questions from CFA institute Study Material and Schweser Study material, I realised that Schweser questions are very focussed on calculations while the CFA Institute Study material really tests you on the conceptual understanding, do you think it makes sense to remain focussed on CFA Institute questions only? Do you think Elan practice questions are good?

Yes Elan questions are very good, actual test will have a good mixture of solving, mainly in FRA, and conceptual understanding throughout. Doing as many questions as you can will give you confidence and improve your understanding. Elan questions are better than Schweser as they focus more on conceptual understanding than plugging in numbers and solving. Having said that, not all EOC questions are centered around multiple choice, as some of them having you solving questions to get an answer, which you later check to make sure is right. These add value as well because they improve your understanding. All in all I would stick to CFA EOC questions and Elan’s 2000 questions.

Thanks BruinBanker…I have the same viewpoint.