Practice questions

I just started last week and am halfway through study session 2. I realized that if I don’t do some more practice questions I am not going to retain much. CFAI stuff is good, but not enough. I was hoping the forumers, forumites, etc… could help me compile a list of materials that provide great questions. So far my list consists of, -CFAI practice exams that are posted on the site. -Shweser Q Banks -CFAI End Chapter questions There are 1k practice questions from swheser correct??? (I havent purchased them yet) Also I heard of taking older exams even as far back as 2002. Please feel free to post other materials. I will basically gobble up anything I can get, as long as its helpful and has the potential to really improve my score. i.e. not irrelevant material or poor materials. Thanks.

Any takers???

no offense, but try the search function… most people are probably tired of answering this question… i know i am.