Practice Test Question

How similar are the practice questions from the institue and the actual test questions? Assuming no test anxiety can you be confident with taking the test if you score well on the practice exams?

In my case ya… The practice questions are exactly the same format as on the exam. The set up is different though so it isn’t an accurate representation of how well you would do on the exam. Each question is graded as soon as you complete it while a timer (that you can pause) counts down, I found I rushed the practice exams and would have done better if i could have skipped quesitons and gone back later. I scored from 72-84 on the practice exams and did them all within two weeks of the actual exam. For ref here are my results… Multiple Choice Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Assets 12 - * - - Derivatives 12 - * - - Economics 24 - - * - Equity Analysis 24 - - * - Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - - * - Financial Statement Analysis 68 - - * - Fixed Income Analysis 24 - - * - General Portfolio Management 12 - - * - Quantitative Analysis 28 - - *

Nice work- are there as many practice questions available to you as you like?

Nope, I was refering to the online tests the produces there are 5 (50 questions each). I also went through the schweser’s practice exams but the CFA questions are obviously the best representation of what you would see on the actual.