Practice test recommendation request

I am not going to be able to take all the Schweser and CFAI tests. I have taken book 1 morning and failed (68). I was wondering which you found the most effective. I plan on taking 3-5 full exams by test day. Thanks!

i’m a schweser baby…but this time i’ll say go with CFAI…if youre short on time…you’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth …

hi mumu, how are the cfai to read online? i forgot how they were last year. I hate reading online. working on corp finance at the moment. you doing fine?

it’s actually not that bad…unlike the schweser…they have the whole vignette and then just one question…when you hit next the vignette stays there…and the next question at the bottom…so there’s less scrolling to do… unforunately…you HAVE to answer each question to move on to the next…can’t scroll back and change your answers…so it sucks…cause on exam day i do that ! and me…not doing so fine…bomed the cfai sample 2…let’s seee