Practice Test Scores

My three mock exam scores so far are below. The first 2 are CFAI mocks and the last one is a Kaplan mock. First score is written essay harshly graded and second score is MC. I’m getting conflicting information on what the MPS is / what we should be aiming for. Can anyone with some knowledge / experience on L3 scoring rate / critique these scores? Am I way behind / right on track / ahead of schedule? I’m well aware of the need to keep pushing and grinding / not let up, so not looking for snarky replies about how it “shouldn’t matter” like I’ve seen on some other threads. Just asking nicely for some honest feedback. Best of luck to everyone.


  1. 56 / 73
  2. 65 / 63
  3. 67 / 70

My scores are about in line with yours - mid/high 60s on AM and low-mid 70s on PM. From what I’ve seen/heard, the MPS for last years AM portion was ~50% and the MPS for the PM was ~70%, making the overall MPS roughly 60%. It’s tough to feel completely confident going in to any of these, but I know that I have a firm grasp on the bulk of the material, and each mock I take gets a few points better. At this point, practice is key. Crank out as many additional mocks as you can in the next few days, focus on improving your AM responses, and review Ethics the day before so you pick up those points on the PM section. For reference, I’ve taken 8 AM mocks (4 Mark Meldrum, 4 past CFAI) and 6 PM mocks (4 Mark Meldrum, and the CFAI 2019 MC mocks - scored 73/77). This will by my first attempt at L3, trying for all 3 in 18 months.

Awesome thanks fo rthe feedback. Best of luck!

I think your scores look decent.

Keep in my that people who post their scores on AF are not your “average candidates”. Many of these candidates are over-prepared and have scored in top-decile on previous exams.

u’re in good shape. just keep doing what u’ve been doing

Thanks! Same to you - I think our odds are favorable :slight_smile: