Practice Test Scores

How’s everyone doing with practice exam scores? I’m finding it hard to crack 70% on the written portion in both schweser and old CFAI exams, although I’m trying to be relatively strict with the grading. I hope CFAI is lenient with how it awards points…otherwise I’m f*cked.

I just posted my scores on another thread. 74% for 2007 CFAI morning and 75% for 2006 CFAI morning with a scoring margin of error of about +/-2%. Those were the first two I’ve taken. About to attempt the Schweser #1 afternoon session to get a feel for the multiple choice, then CFAI samples tomorrow.

If you get 70% in the morning part of the exam, you are a genius. Look at last year’s scores. 50% in the morning and 80% in MC in afternoon will pass you. If you expect too much in the morning, you will be shattered before sitting for the afternoon session.

Yeah I wouldnt even both grading them on a % basis just see if you were generally right or wrong.

47/60 = 78.3% on Schweser Exam #1, afternoon session (multiple choice). Sure didn’t feel like a passing effort though, counted at least 10 questions I got right where I had to take an educated guess because I had no f-ing clue how to solve it.

former trader, where do you get that 50/80 scoring breakdown from? Is it just me or does L3 seem harder than 1 and 2?