Practice tracking in Excel

Hi all,

Please share your approach on tracking for EOC practice. Do you use a spread sheet to track it? Do you get back to incorrect once during review? How do you structure this?

Examples are appreciated.



I have made a spreadsheet for tracking BB and EOC’s. I write the comments as to if I had problems with it and color code it so I can track it easily on revisions. I do the same for BB and QB.

I’ve never done such thing. I solve questions, read the answer whether it is right or wrong and move on. If there is indeed a brand new information in the answers, something testable that I didn’t know about through my studies, I may make a note of it on the side. But overall, I hardly track my performance, even when I do mocks, I’ve never calculated my mark or kept records of wrong answers. I think it may be the lack of time, it is good if I find time to practice!!