Practise Exam Advice

I just finished Book 6 Exam 2-PM and scored lower than I did on Exam 2 Am. Any suggestions on how I should allocated my remaining exam 3 am and pm for the next week in addition to buying at most 3 CFAI exams? Heres my Book 6 record thus far: Exam 1 Am - 64 Exam 1 PM - 68 Exam 2 AM - 74 Exam 2 PM - 68 Are book 6 exams or CFAI practises better indicators? I just dont want to end up blowing my remaining 2 book 6’s before being totally prepared. So what do you think - Book 6 first then CFAI or the other way around?? Thanks. Also – any chance of passing with those book 6 marks so far?

my buddy passed in June with marks similar to those,…I failed in June with practice exam marks similar to those…I say if you keep at it an learn from your mistakes you should be in good shape

Dubs, what are you doing differently for this exam?