I’m taking a euro-trip this fall with some friends and I was assigned to research Prague. Has anyone here been there or know someone who has? If so, can you recommend any clubs, hostels or attractions worth visiting? From what I’ve seen I think Prague 1 aka Old Town would be the best area to stay because of its central location. Do you know which part of the city is best for mid twenties people? We’ll be there from a Friday-Monday at the end of September.

My college roommate lives there and Milan, and I was back there last May so got the expat track. Expect Old town to be insanely packed, it’s like Disney world these days with the tourists. Also, it is really easy to get lost there because the streets twist and make no sense. I enjoyed getting lost.

You have to go to Bugsy’s, which is where I had the best drink of my life. Also, check out the urinals in the men’s room…you’ll see what I mean.

Go to the Letna Beer Garden to drink some pilsner and meet some of the best talent around.

You have to go to St. Vitus cathedral at midnight when they play the organ music. It’s intense.

Last time I was there was with the wife and we stayed at the Park Inn Prague, which was fine. A short trolley ride and you’re in Stare Mesto. I don’t think it costs anything (at least, I never paid anything).

For general bars, it really depends if you want ot hit a club, see live music have a chill spooky bar to hang out in (Budapest is great for this, too) or have a small bar where there’s also a small dance floor.

Colleague of mine spent last weekend there to celebrate his brother´s stag party, he really appreciated Prague!

Club: Golden Tree

Steak House: La casa Argentina

Don´t think they visited any other attractions wink

^ So he went to Prague and ate South American food?

Very Prague-matic…

Yea. I dunno how I feel about Argentina, but I appreciate the input. I appreciate the midnight organ advice didn’t see anywhere that was a thing. I’d like to stay in a semi-hostel there. I figure it will be a good way to meet other people to go to the clubs with. Did you get to go to any of the big ones? The Golden Tee looks closed now.

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Ha ha, STL, That was pun-intentional.

Yeah, you can spend a whole day around old town square. Walk Charles bridge and check out the other side of the bridge, lots of cool architecture, castles and stuff. I’d recommend you do a walking tour-I did one called “the naked tour guide”, it’s cheap and you can learn some history. The area week be packed with tourist, try to go early. You’ll never want to see another Aussie again after you leave. Hit up cafe louvre too, the food is good and Einstein used to go there when he taught in Prague. I also really liked the street food there, especially the gyros. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague, it’s awesome. The most popular club is the 4 sorry I’ve by Charles bridge. Hit up some strip clubs too. The city and architecture are beautiful there, wear comfortable shoes as the streets are uneven, 1500 years old and hard as a rock.