Pre-study regimen focus

I passed Leven I in December 2007 and plan to start my formal study for LII in mid/late January with the Schweser 16 week online course. Because I’ve had a year off I am especially worried about material that builds off of, but does not review, things we learned for LI. Although the study course doesn’t begin until the 20th I’m going to start studying on Jan 4 when I’m back from vacation… which leaves me 2 “free” weeks before my study program in which to focus on areas I will likely struggle/take longer/need review/etc. For people that have done a material amount of studying/reading/are re-taking the test… - which subject(s)/LOS/specific topics would you say directly builds on the material from Level I? - section(s) that would benefit most from being entirely covered twice (vs. the normal continuous review during my course of study)? - I’ll be doubling up on Ethics regardless so please ignore that area I appreciate any feedback

I passed LI in Dec. 2007 and share many of the same concerns. I started at the beginning of November and hope to get through to the material once to identify what areas I need a refresher. I guess my advice is start earlier to give yourself ample time to review and do questions. However, you’ll be surprised how much you actually retain/remember from LI. I haven’t had any issues thus far, but I’m erring on the side of caution.

Wish I could start now! … but other priorities are taking up all my time until after New Year’s