Preapproval email from local society

Hi, Did anybody recieve this? If so, does this mean that they JUST started looking at my application?

Yeap, I just got from NYSSA… but I didn’t get one point, they say that membership at local society not required but CFAI will let you pay only after NYSSA fee is paid… wth

SAME HERE! and there’s no link or anything to pay… it seems like they’re asking us to pay through the mail?

Got a follow-up email with an invoice (about 30mins later)… just scanned the doc and emailed back with my CC info.

Weird. My society dues were just paid through the CFAI website. All at once, one bill. Sucks to be sending CC info through e-mail like that.

@ geo… how did you pay? There is no button to pay for me

Same with mine. Paid both CFAI and local society dues on CFAI website when I activated my membership on Aug 6th 9:45am.

I couldn’t pay until I was approved. Then I received a link via e-mail to activate my membership, and I paid my dues (both local and CFAI at the exact same time) by following that link and going through those steps (filling out your professional conduct statement and stuff like that too). That’s why I don’t believe you can be a regular member/receive charter without getting your local society approval. There are a few more steps as well such as the professional conduct piece that simply won’t be picked up. But I’m no authority on the matter. That was just my experience.

this really seems to be going in circles. I just had my work experience approved by CFAI and submitted to local society for review. I contacted the society and they said they won’t review application until dues are paid! Now I sent an email to CFAI to figure out how to pay… waiting for a response.

@NormalCantango… I am in exact situation. I emailed to CFAI and they said local society membership is not required but they have to approve your work experience. Society emailed me wanting money… CFAI replied to my email saying well if they don’t approve in 30 days then we gonna let you pay…

thanks, I guess we just hurry up and wait some more.

henriko/MK514/OffTheBalanceSheet - How many “Decision Days” was your work experience at when you recieved the email from NYSSA (assuming you are all applying to NYSSA)? I’m at 29 “Decision Days” and am trying to figure out when I can expect this email.

To be clear, CFAI already approved my work experience. Waiting on local society.


I can’t pull it up now that I became a regular member, but from what I recall it took CFAI 3 business days, and Local society took about 8 business days

Thx MK