precision to keep in the middle of calculation

Level II questions involve many steps in the calculation. How many digits do you keep in the middle of calculation to be not too off? Is there any guideline on the precision problem from CFAI?

I stick to 4 digits on my TI.

I use floating to 9. I’ve ran into problems with Schweser problems (they always round to 2) but never noticed any big discrepancies with CFAI. Also didn’t notice any big differences from Level 1 in December.

I use 6 on HP12C. I used to use floating to 9 on TI BAII+.

For all of these calculators: display precision does not impact internal precision. If you keep numbers in the calculator, then it always calculates with its maximum precision. (If you write down intermediate results and then re-enter them, then you reduce precision.)

2-4 digits. CFAI often round to 2. I know there was a question i did recently from CFA EOC Q’s, which had 3 choices. Rounding to 2 got the correct answer, rounding to 4, whilst still an option was incorrect.