Predicament on Sponsors....what would you do?

So I have been in a corporate role (investment strategy, internal M&A, capital structure) for about 2.5 years now. I passed level 3 and have applied for membership, requesting my colleague to be one of my sponsors and my boss to be the other (about 6 months ago). My colleague completed the form but my boss has not. I have recently resigned to take up a position in equity research, and I need to start rather quickly at the new gig. My current boss is foaming at the mouth about me leaving so quickly (or at all) because I’m essentially screwing them over for the next 6 months as they play catchup and regroup. Translation: they will not be my sponsor. The overbearing issue is that I’m afraid CFAI will not accept corporate work experience unless I have someone vouching for me that I was involved in investment strategy. Maybe this is easier than I think it is but, Do I: (A) Continue my application, only switch my second sponsor from my old boss to my new boss in equity research i.e. one sponsor from my old job and one from my new job (B) Cancel my current application and start over with two sponsors from my new job, resubmitting my work experience, hoping that they will accept my corporate experience

I don’t think it matters either way. The fact that their are at least two people at your corporate job with CFA charters implies that the work should be CFA-applicable.

The sponsors don’t have an impact on your jobs being accepted I think. I am fairly certain that one of my sponsors has no clue what I even do but I got all of my work exp accepted. The most important part is your job description. I don’t think anything having to do with M&A will have any problems going through. Just make sure its detailed enough.