Predicting if a topic will appear in the morning or afternoon paper

Is it wise to try to predict how a study session will be tested?

It’s fair to say that Individual and Institutional IPS questions will come up in the morning, and 2 ethics item sets will come up in the afternoon but can you draw conclusions on other study sessions?

dont try to predict anything. be ready for everything.

note: over the last 6 years have not seen ethics or gips tested in the am

guessing what is on the exam is a incredibly dangerous slope.

ok, fair play. Probably not a good idea, CFAI loves a curveball

It is not difficult to predict what the actual exam will look like, because based on experience, the morning questions are VERY similar to past exams and schweser mocks, in terms of topics/ study sessions covered. and for the afternoon, they are just going to cover topics that aren’t covered int he morning.

^lol gaming the L3 exam is not the way to go. u should know better