Predictions for tomorrow?

Overall, I have been quite impressed with the CFAI. However, tomorrow I think is going to be a mess. I’m predicting: 1.5% chance things work smoothly, 80% chance the website gets jammed and unusable, 18.5% chance my computer blows up when I try to access the site. Anyone else?

Judging from the past it is pretty likely that the website gets jammed and unusable probably later in the day, because i’m sure a lot of candidates will check their results after work. At least that’s what I’m gonna do. I have BIG deadlines at work tomorrow. It would ruin my day if the result isn’t what I expect.

I’m planning on checking right when I get up in the morning, at 7:30 a.m. Pacific. Unlike some others, I am going to check whether I passed before I come to work.

I’m going to check as soon as it available - luckily I’m unemployed at the moment (j/k).

I’m going to check as soon as it available - luckily I’m unemployed at the moment (not kidding).

In the words of Mr. T…PAIN!

happyshappy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In the words of Mr. T…PAIN! LOL!!! Dude, that just made my night. Thank you.

I expect the website to work, but it will take a long time to load. I already bookmarked the result page. I just wish if I could just sleep and wake up to find the results, but I don’t think I will be able to rest tonight. If I fail, I will be depressed for a month.

Very…very…very nervous. Will only check after work tomorrow. If I have not passed, I have the whole night to nurse my frustration and start studying again within a week.

Website didn’t go down. Good work by CFA.

Now my prediction for TOMORROW - hangover???

it either timed me out or gave me a SERVER BUSY error for about 30 minutes, but I seem to be the only one that had that problem.

I don’t know, I thought they improved their site immensely from the time when I registered for L1, which was last aug… I didn’t run into any problems whatsoever this time around

I think the results were posted few minutes before 9 am.