Preferred news channel?

Since I’ll be taking over the cable responsibilities at my house soon, I’m finally going to splurge for some premium news channels. That got me thinking, which do you prefer and why? CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, other? I had a free sample of bloomberg for a while and like the documentaries, but realized they were all repeats after a while. Never have had the other two.

Comedy Central

Naked News

NPR through my roku

who ‘splurges’ on CNBC, MSNBC, etc? I thought these channels were standard cable. I knew Bloomberg is additional for some providers. I like CNBC, but sometimes they get a bit wacko and if the noise gets too crazy, Bloomberg has some of the toned down versions of the stories with more hard facts and less jumping around. I think Bloomberg only shows documentaries outside of market trading hours. Their daily show looks like a different version of CNBC or something.

CNBC always makes me feel the way I feel when I’ve had too much coffee. But that’s their strategy. But my client is glued to CNBC, so I sometimes feel I need to watch so that I can say “yeah, I saw that.”

I listen to a lot of Bloomberg streaming over the internet for their economic commentary. Not so sure about the TV. Their iPad app is pretty good too, although I tend to listen to the radio version more.

cnbc is garbage…cbc lang and oleary for me…

With my local cable providers they both cost extra, and instead I get BNN (business news network). It’s alright, but definately sub-par. I guess I’ll just have to check out cnbc and see how that amped up experience treats me. I saw mad money at my parents once and it just gave me a headache haha.

BNN is better than CNBC but BNN only covers Canada which gets pretty boring…but they have catherine murray who is a grade A talent hot classy babe…

Bloomberg TV is generally boring as crap. However, those Asian chicks are starting to grow on me.




In that order.

MSNBC is just a bunch of cheerleading with no substance and fox is even worst because its straight up fradulent.

I agree with BNN being fairly good, it’s major limitation is that it focuses on the canadian capital markets. There is only so much a guy can take of hearing about mining, oil and gas stocks and reits.

CSPAN is boring as crap. bloomberg has tidbits of interesting here and there

R/T. Call your cable provider and tell them I want my Reason TV.

I guess maybe a better question is, is it even worth paying extra for those channels?

Getting the channels is not going to give you any edge in investing - if you find the programs entertaining and/or interesting, then do it.

it won’t give you an “edge” but they have informative interviews with CEOs plenty of times, and its a great way to get the news after a long hard days work…

i’m still wondering if the reporters get to keep their clothes…

As entertaining as that would be (“Maria, please surrender your shirt.”), I can’t really imagine a scenario where they would not be able to keep their clothes…

According to CNN’s FAQ page, their anchors where their own clothes. I imagine the bigger names get their clothes for free from the designers in exchange for a mention in the credits.

well then these reporters are some classy dressers…

Those CEO’s are much more guarded on TV compared to talking to a portfolio manager or a sell-side analyst on a phone or in person. I wouldn’t use what they’re saying on TV as “an edge”.

The only gain would be if they said something, and it triggered you to come up with an idea yourself of how it could benefit the company.