Premium or Essential Package for Kaplan Schweser

Is the Premium online package worth the extra $400 over the essential? I am specifically looking at the ask instructor link because so far it would be nice to ask questions about things I don’t understand.

I got the essential package. I plan to use the CFAI curriculum if I need deeper explanation. Your choice probably depends on your background. I’m not expecting many new concepts in lvl1. For me anyway. I’m also planning to use IFT video’s for deeper explanation. You might try those or Mark Meldrum, who I hear is excellent.

Start at the CFA Institute website. Review the requirements and any other info they have there. Visit the local Society website too. Call the local society and ask them how they reccomend how you should start. Also look at all of the advertisements in this forum. They’re all CFAI approved prep providers.

I personally wouldn’t start reading until you’re ready to study for the exam within a year. Most seem to start 8 - 5 months out. It depends on your background and your study habits. I just started Dec. 3rd. because I have a fulltime job a toddler and infant at home. I need the extra time.

Thanks for explanations