Prenup Problems

Judge rules in favor of ripping up a prenup in NY. This may be eye opening to some of the BSDs that thought their money was safe,

Awaits Blakes commentary…

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Looks like we are going to have to start videotaping prenup signings to avoid any alleged coercion.

I really don’t see why people get married and Im no BSD. If I were, I definitely would not.

^^ I don’t think that videotaping would necessarily cut it. He could have just “fraduelently induced” the pre-nup signing before the videotape. A better idea is to videotape the verbal agreement.

The “verbal agreement” doesn’t need further proof. The appellate panel already decided that it was real - enough to override the legally binding, signed prenup agreement. I wonder what was the exact wording of the decision. The article did mention that she has been arguing her case for seven years. Maybe the husband just decided that a few million dollars is worth it to be free of a crazy woman, who would otherwise be hounding him for the remainder of his life.

Interesting thing though - that this small panel of low level judges has set a precedent for thousands of future divorce cases. I suppose the husband could appeal to the next level of court if he really wanted to.

It’s coercion because he wouldn’t get married without it? Isn’t that the premise of a prenup?

She’s looks hotter now than in her wedding photo 20 years ago.

Now that she’s hot, rich, and soon to be single… whats her #?

It’s coercion because it was done only days before the wedding. If you want a prenup, you pretty much have to do it before you start planning (or at least spending any significant money on) the ceremony.

^ Slippery slope. This is yet another step back for men. Sad day.

Not so much here:

I guess the last option when a divorce is imminent is to have monthly trips to Vegas to build a track of heavy gambling, then move a good chunk of your money to offshore accounts as your “gambling loses”, and not touch that money until after you get your divorce haircut. You need an elaborated scheme of LLCs / LLPs, etc. to make it work, but even then there are no guarantees. Still better than to fund the b!tch’s lavish lifestyle with your money.

So the idea is to set up a gambling LLC under an alias and then proceed to lose all your money to it? Then get your wife to divorce you for a gambling addiction you don’t actually have. :wink:

IEV you are clever indeed, and live up to your username.

^ haha. I think that’s why my boss hired me and later promoted me.

Any new development with Ballet Girl, bchad?

You don’t need all the LLC’s and LLP’s, you just need someone you can trust to hide the cash in their basement. Also, be sure you avoid the temptation of escorts on your trips.

I volunteer to hold your money in the basement. However, I sometimes take impromptu vacations. If I am gone one day, please wait three business days before contacting the authorities.

^ Thanks ohai, but I already have that covered if ever needed. I will call upon the same dude if I ever need help getting rid of a body.

Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except herpes. That stuff will come back with ya.

Whatever happens in Vegas shows up in divorce court.