Prep Co, Guaranteed Pass

Hi all! I’ve seen that almost all prep companies have some kind of pass guarantee. The caveat that I’m looking for is a company with a deferred payment rather than a refund promise. Thanks!

i highly doubt you’ll find a company like that. Because people can refuse to pay, and it wouldn’t be worth it for the company to hire a lawyer to sue you.

You can’t even come up with a few hundred $$'s?

Deferred payment? What happens if someone writes and fails the exam a few times, and finally gives up? When will this person pay?

The first company I did a CFA prep with operated that way. I failed, thus I didn’t pay since that was the agreement. And the deferral only worked because they already had my payment information and if I had passed, I would have been charged. I guess I could have contested the charge had I passed, but I can do that anywhere with any purchase. It actually happens from time to time at the company I manage and there’s no lawers required, just about 5-10 minutes of getting some papers together and it’s taken care of. It’s not so much a matter of can’t. It’s a matter of passing another CFA expense through the legislative branch of my household at this time (wife). I’d also rather hold onto my few hundred dollars for the few months. Time value of money!


I’m almost positive that UF is a partner school with the CFA program. Have you talked to Banko or any other of the professors about this? I think you can get it extremely discounted.

I talked to Banko about the scholarhip program and I didn’t meet the requirements since I’m a part time MBA student and the scholarship requires being a full-time student. I’ll ask him about prep companies though. Thanks!

There is no kind of prep course like that, if one existed they would be bankrupt very soon. Even if a prep course had great material, it is still your job to do the work and there is no way to determine if the failure was due to lack effort or awful prep course material. There is a reason most prep courses don’t even tell you how many of their students pass the level on their first try, using their prep course material.

Actually, the reason they don’t is because it’s against CFA Institute guidelines.