Prep Material

Does ne one know if the prep materials are ready for L2 2009?

Through CFAI or Schweser (or some other 3rd party)??? CFAI is available and Schweser says it’s L2 material was released in July! EDIT: Looks like October for the books… The CFA curriculum for the 2009 CFA Exam was released in July. We update all of our products based on the changes to the CFA curriculum. Our product availability schedule is subject to change. October 2008 Audio CDs Audio MP3 CDs Flashcards (Paper) Flashcards (Web-Enabled) Instructor-led Office Hours Schweser’s Quicksheet SchweserNotes (Books 0-5) SchweserPro (Download) SchweserPro (Online) November 2008 Practice Exams Volume 1 Practice Exams Volume 2 SchweserPro (CD) Video CDs with Workbook December 2008 Blog Partial Schweser Library Schweser Study Planner Searchable FAQs January 2009 16-Week Online Class - Eastern Time 16-Week Online Class - London Time Ethics Online Streaming Video Full Schweser Library Instructor Email Support Online Tutorial Support Weekly Program (Locations) March 2009 Secret Sauce April 2009 Mock Exam Online Online Exam April/May 2009 3-Day Live Seminars (Locations) 3-Day Online Seminar 5-Day Seminar in Dallas-Fort Worth Problem Solving Workshop WindsorWeek